Your one stop natural healing centre. 您的一站式康復理療中心

           Green Meridian Wellness Centre is a multidisciplinary clinic joined by  alternative medicine specialists working cohesively to keep your body pain-free, relaxed, and energized.


Grand Opening Specials開業超值酬賓

         Take advantage of this great deal! You could also mix-and-match your treatment!. eg. combine a 30 min acupuncture with a 15 min shoulder massage.


        限時特惠。45分鐘治療僅需$38. 您亦可以自行搭配治療項目。 列:30分鐘针灸+15肩頸按摩 。

 45 min for only $38  45分鐘治療 僅需 $38

Welcome!  歡迎

​​Tel: 905-604-6161